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Past Productions


by John Godber

The Cast

Adele, Nicky, Carol and Mel are waitresses in a trendy cocktail bar. An establishment that tries hard to exude an atmosphere of exclusivity and classy chic. It's a venue for yuppies, celebrating checkout girls, thrusting young businessmen and local lads 'on the pull'. The four girls face a nightly diet of giggling girls, leering men, demanding 'upper crust' couples and the constant innuendo of the 'long slow comfortable screw'. It's not the job that any of the girls really wants but their individual circumstances have so far denied them the opportunity to find more fulfilling employment.
All of the characters in this hilarious piece are 'played' by the waitresses. The satire follows the customers as they come and go but behind the comedy we see the real life situations of the four girls. One of the great strengths of Godber's writing lies in his ability to expose his characters with some depth even in out and out comedy.
Three of the actresses in this production have acted together many times and delight in the challenge of playing multiple characters in fast moving comedy. The fourth is new to the company and will. I'm sure, make many fans in this highly entertaining play.

The Cast

Carol Sarah Hall
Adele Beverley Meek
Mel Anna Ricketts
Nickie Grace Pilot

Director: Dave Baldwin

The Crew

Stage Manager Richard Worreall
Sound & Lighting Charles Wintour
  Dave Shaw
Costume and Props Stella Truscott


30th & 31st October 2009 Eardisley Little Theatre
6th & 7th November 2009 Upton Bishop Millennium Hall
13th & 14th November 2009 Goodrich Village Hall
27th & 28th November 2009 Ruardean Village Halll
4th & 5th December 2009 Forest Theatre, Coleford

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