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Stepping Out

by Richard Harris

With Stepping Out, Richard Harris gave us one of the best ‘feelgood’ plays of the last 25 years. Winning the Evening Standard award as the best comedy of 1984, the work has been played to delighted audiences around the world ever since. Few people will fail to identify with the lives, hopes and ambitions of this group of nine ladies and one man who, week after week, attend tap dancing classes in the local village hall. This is a weekly chance to escape the domestic routine and commune with others to share the many pitfalls and frustrations of everyday life.

Anyone who has attended an evening class, attempted to tap dance, or been part of a team of any sort, will identify with these characters, the pitfalls that beset them and the euphoria of their ultimate triumph.

Stepping Out dancers

The Cast

Mavis Loraine Worrall
Mrs Fraser Margaret Baldwin
Dorothy Sally Lomax
Lynne Jessica Ball
Maxine Christine Mora
Andy Beverley Meek
Geoffrey Patrick O'Reilly
Sylvia Anna Whitney
Rose Karen Lawrence
Vera Jeanette Bennett
Lady & Fairy Betty Beddows
Nigel Clive Beddows

Director: Dave Baldwin

The Crew

Stage Manager Ian Pauley
Sound & Lighting Philip Preston
Ass Stage Managers Clive Beddows
Betty Beddows
Richard Worrall
Costume Stella Truscott
Geraldine Rees
Claire Milinczuk
Choreography Loraine Worrall
Front of House Miriam Seal
Jackie Cogswell


22nd October 2005 The Forest Theatre, Coleford
28th - 29th October 2005 Upton Bishop Millennium Hall
5th November 2005 The Powell Theatre, Hereford
11th - 12th November 2005 Fownhope New Memorial Hall
18th - 19th November 2005 Weobley Village Hall

Julie Harries, The Hereford Times November 10th 2005


It's a nice bit of synchronicity that the cast of Richard Harris's Stepping Out is raising cash for charity, which is what it's characters are doing in the play. Confused? You won’t be!

The BareBones theatre company's current tour of Stepping Out is a fund raiser for Children In Need.

This gutsy amdram group has garnered itself something of a following in recent months with much raved about productions of Shirley Valentine and Steel Magnolias.

Stepping Out continues the good work with a natty cast of 12 who between them give this play a fine showing.

A class of tappers joins forces for a weekly gathering of chat, tap and camaraderie.

There are some lovely character parts with 'good egg' Dorothy, busybody Vera and neurotic Andy, which gives the above average talented actors room to shine.

The action itself is a hoot and the cast gives a very convincing rendition of bad tappers transforming into slick tappers during a brief blackout.

There was a disappointing turnout for the Powell Theatre performance on Bonfire Night and it deserves better support for the rest of the tour.

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