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BareBones Youth Past Production

Henry V

by William Shakespeare adapted by Dave Baldwin


Cast Henry V

The grounds of Bishopswood house echoed to the noise and clamour of the battle of Agincourt when a cast of thirty young people staged Henry the fifth and a welcome break in the weather gave shelter to an enthusiastic audience of around a hundred.

Whilst some may feel that such a play demands an adult cast, 'the histories' offer acting opportunities to a larger number of players and also give some further insight into events that may otherwise simply be dates in a text book. They're also great fun to do!


The Cast

King Henry V
Duke of Gloucester
Duke of Bedford
Duke of Exeter
Duke of York
Archbishop of Canterbury
Bishop of Ely
Earl of Cambridge
Lord Scrope of Masham
Sir Thomas Grey
Captain Gower
Captain Fluellen
Captain MacMorris
Captain Jamy
Sir Thomas Erpingham
John Bates
Alexander Court
Michael Williams
King Charles VI of France
Queen Isobel
The Dauphin
The Constable of France
Duke of Bourbon
Duke of Orleans
Lord Rambures
Duke of Burgundy

Jack Whittaker
Laura Aubrey
Isobel Wadge
Joe Bornoff
Viv Brooke
Gemma Curtis
Ben Bornoff
Stanley Piper
Peter Taylor
Sam Sanger
Rory Sanger
Flynn Piper
Cameron Hill
Sam Sanger
Eliane Bornoff
Emma Chatterton
Rory Sanger
Elliott Holden
Peter Taylor
Alex Smith
Bridie Jones
Alex Smith
Cameron Hill
Isobel Hall
Stanley Piper
Anna Freer
Anna Freer
Oliver Jones
Laura Aubrey
Jacob Timms
Amber Simms
Anna Barker
Fran Watling
Eliane Bornoff
Hanna Short
Katherine Short
Emily Rogers
Henry Jones
Isobel Wadge
Laurie Brooke

Director: Dave Baldwin, Margaret Baldwin & Gordon Stewart



The Crew

Stage Manager Richard Worrall
Sound & Lighting Phil Preston

Stella Truscott
Geraldine Rees
Penelope Timms

Additional Thanks

Author and Article


BareBones Youth Theatre

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