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BareBones Youth Past Production

Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare
adapted by Dave Baldwin

Julius CaesarThis summer workshop production took twenty-seven young actors and, during a five day period, shaped them into the characters of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. The young people studied and rehearsed the roles and, supported by stage directors, costumiers and technicians, polished the production for a single public, open air, promenade style presentation on the evening of Thursday 31st August. The workshop and production took place at Bishopswood House, a Victorian mansion house in forty acres of rolling Herefordshire countryside.

The text was shortened to a running time of around an hour and concentrated upon the development of the conspiracy, the assasination and the addresses to the crowd from Brutus and Cassius. The subsequent battles between the allied forces of Cassius and Brutus and those of Antony and Octavius were simply reported by a narrator. And what a wonderful week we had. In the five days of the workshop we had just two minutes of light rain. On the evening of the performance the weather looked threatening but it stayed dry and warm for the performance and the picnic which followed. Around a hundred people saw a splendid performance from young people who had spent five glorious days in fun and friendship with people of like mind. Let's do it again next year!

Julius Caesar cast

The Cast

Antony’s servant Rhiannon Smith
Antony Madeleine Maloney
Artemidorus James Bonehill
Brutus Chris Kear
Cactus Anna Bennett
Caesar’s Servant Emily Thomas
Caesar Jonny Buck
Calphurnia Sarah Lester
Casca Alex Arbourne
Cassius James Lester
Cinna Katherine Wills
Citizen 1 Jacob Timms
Citizen 2 Abi Beddard
Citizen 3 Lillie Collins
Citizen 4 Marianne Hohendorf
Cobbler Effie Seal
Decius Hannah Lewis
Flavius Jack Campey
Ligarius Clare Symonds
Lucius Jessica Sleeman
Marullus Georgina Watling
Metellus Cimba Oliver Bartle
Popilius Georgina Watling
Portia Bethany Hill
Publius Kayah Worrall
Soothsayer Jacob Cooper
Strato Jack Campey
Tellus Heather Farmer
Trebonius Zoe Hutton
Directed by Dave Baldwin



The Crew

Stage Manager Richard Worrall
Assistant Directors Margarret Baldwin
  Loraine Worrall
Costume & Props. Penelope Timms
  Stella Truscott
  Claire Millinczuk
Sound Ian Pauley
Front of House Miriam Seal

Our grateful thanks to the Freeman family for allowing us the use of the magnificent Bishopswood House

Peter Terson in The Ross Gazette 7th Seprember 2006

The Bare Bones of Julius Caesar

I knew of the growing reputation of the BARE BONES Youth Theatre, with their productions of Bugsy Malone, Willie Russell's Our Day Out and others, but nothing prepared me for the impact of their open air production of Julius Caeser at Bishopswood House.

They were simply magnificent and brought a dignity and maturity to the parts that belied their years.

The grounds of Bishopswood provided a wonderful backdrop for the streets of Rome, the Senate and the Forum and with fine ensemble playing the company revelled in it.

In his adaptation Dave Baldwin boldly left intact some of the magnificent, challenging speeches.

Christopher Keer sensitively delivered the tormented musing of the honourable Brutus, whilst Maddy Malone's rousing of the mob in the funeral oration of Mark Anthony moved even the audience to rebellion.

All in all this was a memorable evening and if these young actors continue to develop it bodes well for the future of the Bare Bones Company.

I was told that the Youth Theatre had worked intensively on this production for only five days. A great achievement.


BareBones Youth Theatre

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