TWO PLUS ONE  (Kevin, Pantomania and The Team)

by David Baldwin





Fourteen young people performed all three short plays.


Pantomania took a new look at some traditional pantomime characters.  The narrator

felt that a new slant might breathe fresh life into the story lines. Ultimately he learns

that the old order has time honoured merit.

Kevin, performed for the second time, sees an interruption to a youth theatre rehearsal by

Eileen who breaks the news of the death of a one time member of the group.  Kevin was

something of an outcast and his friend Eileen now beleives that the group must accept

some of the responsibility for his loss.

The Team sees fourteen schoolchildren challenged to produce a short entertainment 

for a parents evening. Suggestions range from gymnastics to fashion shows but the

group eventually settle for accappella singing.  It all sounds so simple but it really is

far more difficult than they'd imagined.  Will they pull it off?

The Cast


Finlay  Bell                         Cinderella

Rosie Bornoff                     Ugly2

Emma Chatterton                Ugly1

Debbie Bell                         Sleeping Beauty lisabeth  Frankland              Fairy

Holly  Manning                    Dandini

Cameron Hill                       Boy

Henry  Jones                       Narrator

Leanna  Jones                      Miss Muffit Keeslee  Lanfear                 MacInroe 

Archie Sandman                  Pieman

Jonno  Taylor                      Simon

Poppy  Phillips                    Zippy

Ethan  Williams                    Jack



Finlay  Bell                         Denis

Rosie Bornoff                     Pamela

Emma Chatterton                Charlene

Debbie Bell                         Stewardess Elisabeth  Frankland             Laura

Holly  Manning                    Sarah

Cameron Hill                       George

Henry  Jones                       Vince

Leanna  Jones                      Freda

Keeslee  Lanfear                 Bruce 

Archie Sandman                  Alan

Poppy  Phillips                    Pilot

Ethan  Williams                   John

                               THE TEAM                

Each of the fourteen young actors play themselves


Directors:  Dave Baldwin, Margaret Baldwin and

Gordon Stewart


The Crew

Stage Manager Richard Worrall
Sound & Lighting Richard Worrall
ASM Claire Bennett
Costume /Props Stella Truscott


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